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Post Christmas Joys

Posted on: December 26, 2010 10:03 pm
It was a great week at the bar. Great times and good beverages were served to all.

Not a fan of snow nor a fan of kids. That is why I work at a bar and not at a toy store. The kids I can deal with, but the snow is too much. I will never get how one can ask for a White Christmas and then complain about it messing up their Holiday.

I was so happy to get just gift cards and Gator stuff. I even got a Derek Jeter jersey that had 3 team's colors on it. Kinda funny but not cool. He will always be a Yankee.

Jags lose but are still in the hunt for the playoffs. Titans lose and the Locals are going crazy calling for Fisher's head and VY's. Cure to the problem, Bud Adams, know who got you to a Super Bowl while VY was still in Middle School.

Indy needs to realize that Peyton is one player and get them as far as he can. Hurt players and him being Peyton is not going to get them back to the Super Bowl.

I have yet to see a game at the new Texas Stadium, but I can not wait. I have been to 2 Thanksgiving games in the Old one. Oh the Memories.

I am one who loves Bowl Season and am always happy that they have a lot of bowl games. I just wish that I could watch them all. Seems as if Christmas and Country shows are a bit more important to some at the bar. Just glad that I still have my trusty old Black and white TV, at home, to watch them on.

I love that everyone in the world loves to show off their lights 2 and 1/2 months ahead of Christmas. I am just lost to as why they take them down the day of or the day after Christmas. Where is your Pride????

I am still laughing that Philly had a snow out game. How does that happen? What is Next, Miller Field not knowing what to do with too much beer? It is just not right.

Oh wait, the Bocce Ball Tourney is about over and the wings are just right. Time for them to get their cold brews and warm shots.

Have a great evening and cheers to all.
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